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The passion that exists within every bottle of Doffo wine originates from our Italian ancestors who immigrated to Argentina in the early 1900's

My grandfather, Bernandino, settled in Pampas, Argentina where he grew wheat, corn and raised cattle. I grew up on this land and it was there that my love and dedication to the art of cultivation began.

This experience and honor sealed my fate and in this sam year the Doffo vineyard planted it's first crop of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz with a small percentage of Petit Verdot and Cab/Franc.

36083 Summitville
Temecula, Ca.

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Telephone: 714-715-6610
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Every step in the cultivation of Doffo wine is hands-on to achieve the highest possible quality. I am very proud to present this wine and hope you enjoy every glass with the same love from which it was created.